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Long COVID Recovery

Long COVID is becoming an increasingly recognised condition some people suffer following SARS-CoV19 infection. It frequently involves fatigue, breathlessness, anxiety and depression, palpitations, chest pain, joint and muscle pain and 'brain fog'.

How can we help?


We have extensive experience in looking after intensive care survivors; there appear to be a lot of similarities between long COVID and post intensive care syndrome. We can help:

  • Improve your muscle strength so you can use the oxygen you breathe more efficiently

  • Help you cope better with feeling out of breath

  • Improve your fitness so you feel more confident to do things

  • Help you feel better mentally

  • Reduce your risks of ending up in hospital

A Better Understanding


We'll help you learn:

  • Why exercise is so important for people with to overcome long COVID

  • How to pace yourself and manage your fatigue

  • How to use breathing techniques during physical activity or when you feel anxious

  • How to manage anxiety and low mood

  • How to eat healthily

  • What to do when you’re unwell

What to expect...

When we first meet you we will conduct an in-depth assessment of your needs and/or difficulties.


We'll then discuss our findings with you in order to establish a personalised treatment programme, specifically designed to address your unique challenges.

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Suzy Gluck


Contact us...

If you'd like to make a Home Physio appointment or wish to discuss anything further, please do get in touch.


We'd love to hear from you!

07866 166 645

Areas we travel to...

We're based just outside Cowbridge in the Vale of Glamorgan and will travel to you free of charge within a 10 mile radius.


If you are further afield don’t worry, just get  in touch to discuss a small travel cost.

Click on the map to see if you're in our Free Travel Zone
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